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The 23 Most Lazy Animals in the Planet you Didn’t know About!

As a human, we are so busy and usually can’t get much free time in our world, and we all dream to be lazy, relaxed, and spend our daily life doing nothing except for eating, sleeping, and sexting! But Ha, Ha, Ha… you can’t do that buddy, get your a$$ up and work as hard as you can, do you best because nothing comes free in our world!

But, Ouch it’s okay for animals, it is different, every day is a lazy day, thanks to mother earth for providing them, with shelters, food, and the most beautiful females of their kind who don’t ask for diamonds rings…

Oh Yeah, here we are today, to give you a compiled list of the best laziest animals in the animal kingdom that you will absolutely envy.

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23. Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard

The 23 Most Lazy Animals in the Planet you Didn't know About!

The pygmy bluetongue lizard is incredibly elusive and was at one point thought to be extinct. Native to Australia, they live in spider burrows and feed on passing insects. They don’t actively catch their prey though, preferring instead to lay in the burrow with their head pointing up toward the entrance waiting for something to fall in. They don’t even leave to drink, relying instead on raindrops and dew that form around the burrow opening. As lazy as their lifestyle may sound though, it’s mostly a form of predator avoidance.

22. Cuckoo

Laziest Animal

Nothing says lazy like laying your eggs in the nest of other birds, so you don’t have to look after them, and that is precisely what these birds do! Rather than taking on the demands of parenthood, they leave their eggs in the nests of other species, such as robins and warblers, leaving them to raise their demanding chicks as their own, a tactic known as brood parasitism.

21. Nurse Shark

Lazy Animals lizard

its time to see some sea animals, well, Given that many shark species need to keep swimming to breathe, you wouldn’t think them lazy, but the nurse shark is a different matter. They don’t migrate like many species and spend most of their time lying motionless on the seabed, an activity made possible by the fact they can actively pump water over their gills. Not needing to eat much to sustain their lifestyle, they spend much of the day sleeping and hunt at night for fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. They’re not known for their hunting skills through and feed by sucking up their prey.

20. Owl Monkey

Lazy Animals lizard

Okay talking about lazy animals without highlighting the Owl Monkeys, what a shame! since this cute animal is capable of having Periods of sleep for 17 hours a day

Snooze Stats: Owl monkeys are a truly nocturnal animal. After sleeping 17 hours during the day, they are mostly active at night.

19. Brown Bat

Most Lazy Animals in the Planet you Didn't know About!

Periods of sleep for 20 hours a day

Snooze Stats: Can you imagine only being awake for four hours a day that’s so lazy OMG, Brown bats are also that kind of animals that hibernate half the year because of the scarcity of food.

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