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The 20 Best Tv Series on HBO to Watch Now

best tv shows on hbo

Here The 20 Best tv series in HBO you Should be Watching

HBO has a long history of blessing us with the best addictive series and tv shows, from cult classics like The Larry Sanders Show to blockbuster international hit tv series like Game of Thrones.

Although the competition has grown enormously over the past few years with the advent of streaming services, HBO remains one of the biggest players in the game when it comes to original tv shows.

20. Game of Thrones

best tv series on hbo
Bloody and Epic, Game of Thrones It’s actually based on the George R. Martin series. Which is known as A Song of Ice and Fire bestseller.

The show takes place in the fictional world of Westeros, where several families fight for the coveted Iron Throne. There are dragons, icy zombies, and steamy sex scenes out there, so the series has all the ingredients to become a smash hit – and it has pulled a record number of viewers on HBO year after year.

The show has recently aired in its final season, so now you can binge-watch everything.

19. The Sopranos

the sopranos
The Sopranos is still widely regarded as one of the best original tv series on HBO ever, despite having been out of broadcast for more than 10 years. The show follows Tony Soprano, a middle-aged man who has to reconcile the troubles of his dysfunctional family with a family of a different kind – the mob.

Sopranos has changed television for the better, finally proving that the medium can brilliantly tell complex stories usually reserved for the big screen. And with more episodes, you might do a better job creating compelling characters that stand the test of time. If you haven’t seen this HBO treasure yet, then what are you waiting for?

18. Rome

rome tv show
Before the tv shows “Game of Thrones” came out, Rome was owned by HBO, which is a short-lived but spectacular series that showcases war, family tragedy and political intrigue. The tv series revolves around two Romanian soldiers who were captured in historical events during a happy period when the Senate was seeking to undermine Caesar’s strength, putting the phase of the eligible war.

Roma is an ambitious storytelling exercise, with a formidable staff and great writing that does not undermine the intelligence of viewers – quite the opposite, it challenges fans with a fun mix of history and fictional characters. Plus, it’s amazing visual pleasure, from adorable display sets to elaborate wardrobe. Too bad it only lasted for two seasons.

17. $ex and the City

best tv series on hbo
Some episodes of $ex and the City have not aged well, so it’s easy to forget that the show revolutionized television. But when he appeared in 1998, there was nothing else like it on TV. The series focuses on sex columnist Carrie, and her three closest friends as they navigate the complex dating scene in Manhattan.

She was bold, controversial, fun, trendy, sexy, and funny. Most importantly, it transformed conversations about women and sexuality. Show a group of women to feel comfortable with who they are even when they lack a partner, which was bold and refreshing at the time. On HBO the series of $ex and the City won’t Never run out of friendship, for better or for worse, – at least anytime soon.

16. The Wire

the wire
It’s exciting to live in the golden age of television, with loads of Shin new series struggling to get your attention. However, don’t be mistaken for overlooking the classics. The Wire is among the best dramas of all time, it is available on HBO, and it focuses on the drug scene in Baltimore.

Instead of focusing solely on law enforcers, tis HBO TV shows also prominently displays drug dealers and users, and paints a more comprehensive and persuasive picture overall. It shows how the US system has been rigged to keep the downtrodden persecuted and it does so with incredible compassion, which is no easy feat.

All in all, The Wire is a complex, animated and intelligent series that garners attention from the very first episode. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is the perfect time to dive into it.

15. Westworld

best tv shows on hbo
Westworld is an amazing series on HBO revolves around an atypical amusement park, where wealthy vacationers can interact with robotic hosts. And by interaction, we basically mean to live their illicit fantasies through artificial consciousness.

This science fiction drama is based on the 1973 movie of the same name, but it delves deeper into the human side of artificial intelligence, as it somehow manages to balance pure madness and smarter drama. Westworld thrives through smart twists and charismatic characters, making use of talented cast of characters and captivating scripts.

Hbo offers such a Sleek and adorable tv series that takes its time to lure viewers into its crazy world. Once inside, you will definitely enjoy the ride.

14. Silicon Valley

best tv series on hbo
Not only does this clever comedy series from HBO make fun of the world of venture capital, but it does so in a subtle and charming way, and it also manages to tell a great story about the lengths an introverted programmer would like to cut to see his dream come true. The show follows Richard, a programmer who has developed a powerful search algorithm. Things get more complicated from there, as Richard and his friends try to make it into the steep tech scene by building a successful company without compromising their values.

This tv shows is the real deal on HBO, as creators have managed to stay on top of tech trends, making the series feel more interesting than ever. Sharp and funny, Silicon Valley is still one of the best comics currently on air. Binge on the spot.

13. Girls



The girls have been controversial from the start. A worthy successor to Sex and the City, this HBO drama series follows a group of girlfriends in their twenties as they navigate life in New York, as they capture the nagging feeling of having no idea what you’re doing in your life.

These characters are flawed, selfish, troublesome, and down-to-earth – but somehow they’re lovable enough that you want to watch them.

Girls are sharp, shocked and often playful. The show is far from an easy party because it features loads of worthwhile storylines. However, girls are much more sincere and thought-provoking than a regular sitcom, so you’ll miss the chance if you don’t give it a shot. You might end up surprising you.

12. The Leftovers

best tv shows on hbo
The Leftovers is one of the most underrated tv shows on HBO, which is a shame given the ambitious storytelling and standout shows on the series.

The series revolves around life in a small town after many of its residents disappeared in a rapture-like event called “Sudden Departure,” when 140 million people from all over the world disappeared without a trace.

The events of The Leftovers take place three years after disaster strikes and perfectly showcases the difficulty of maintaining order in the aftermath of such a devastating event.

It’s a clever and interesting drama that will make you anxiously think of purpose, connection, and humanity. Consider yourself cautious.

11. Boardwalk Empire

best tv series on hbo
Period drama through the ages, Boardwalk Empire takes place during the Prohibition era, when alcohol was outlawed and outlaws became kings. The story follows Enoch “Naki” Thompson, an equal politician and gangster, who gained fame and dominated the iconic Atlantic City. As one might expect, all of this power does not come without its fair share of complications.

Sleek and brave, Boardwalk Empire delivers a lot more than regular gangster drama. It features exciting action scenes that will keep viewers on the edge of the seat, but it also has enough material to keep them coming back for more.

10. Veep

Veep has dominated award ceremonies since it first appeared on air. This sharp political satire centers on Selena Meyer, perfectly embodied by the talented Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as she deals with the inner workings of the US government, reconciling her political aspirations with her tumultuous personal life.

Veep is very funny, and it’s a refreshing mix of smart comedy and unforgettable shows, taking advantage of an amazing cast that includes the likes of Tony Hale and Anna Klomsky. The blazing fast dialogue among wonderfully incompetent White House employees is fun, although their silly trickery may be too close to home given the current US political landscape. Unfortunately, this is one more reason for tuning.

9. Curb Your Enthusiasm

best hbo tv shows
Written by Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a hilarious, semi-improvised sitcom that follows a nervous TV writer and his life in Los Angeles. David plays a fictional version of himself – a successful guy who always manages all kinds of mishaps and missteps. Each episode of the show is a generous helping of spooky delight.

The way David deals with life’s little annoyances will definitely put a smile on your face, even as you wonder how this guy manages to maintain any kind of relationship in his personal life. If he was real, he likely punched him in the face. Thankfully, holding back your enthusiasm is a fantasy – and a very funny fancy, at that.

8. Enlightened

best tv series from hbo
There’s no secret Laura Dern is a treasure – and if you’re not a fan of her work yet, you’ll be after indulging in enlightenment. The series follows the story of Amy, a successful woman with a general nervous breakdown that sends her to a mental institution. However, when she returns home with a fresh look at life, she discovers that not everyone is ready to accept the new, so she struggles to figure out what is really important.

Tanweer is the kind of show that grows on you, with a healthy dose of black humor to keep things fun. At best, it will inspire you to live more positively. At worst, it will make you laugh. In short, you have nothing to lose here.

7. Six feet under

six feet under
Compelling and thought-provoking, Six Feet Under is the type of show that might have always been on your watchlist, but the grim assumption never lured you in. The time for the bust has finally come. Otherwise, you’ll lose some great acting and a great deal of wit.

The show follows the dysfunctional Fisher family, who owns and operates a Los Angeles funeral home. This unusual setting allows the characters to engage in enough shocking meditations about the deaths to last a lifetime, with some surreal dream sequences and dark humor.

The charismatic group should be reason enough to watch the Tv shows on HBO, as it stars Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall. Frances Conroy and others.

6. Barry

hbo tv series
A new addition to the HBO original shows, Barry is already making waves, with both Bill Hader and Henry Winkler winning the 2018 Emmy Awards for their performances in the series. Barry pursues a low-ranking assassin who is not particularly satisfied with his life. As a result, he found the idea of ​​becoming an incredibly attractive actor, although reconciling his newfound aspirations with his night job would be a little complicated. The show successfully blends comedy with violence, enabling it to stand out in a competitive television scene. Barry takes a lot of risks, but most of them pay off so much, as the end product is mesmerizing and disturbing. With only eight episodes so far, sadcom is the perfect quick indulgence for a lazy weekend.

5. Big Little Lies

best tv shows in hbo
Based on Liane Moriarty’s successful novel of the same name, Big Little Lies follows a group of moms – Madeline, Celeste, and Jane – as they struggle to maintain their seemingly perfect lives while dealing with torn, dysfunctional, and traumatized relationships. It’s a show of how nothing is as perfect as it might seem at first. It also features an exciting mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.

The cast is dream stuff, featuring Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, and Reese Witherspoon. Plus, Meryl Streep joins the cast in Season 2, which is an extra reason to check out this addictive drama.

4. Sharp Objects

sharp objects
Also an adaptation, this time for Jillian Flynn’s novel, Sharp Objects focuses on Camille Preaker, a corrupted reporter who returns to her small town to investigate a series of mysterious crimes. The show takes advantage of Amy Adams’s strong performance, which has viewers deeply interested in the flawed heroine as she grapples with mental health and family issues.

Sharp Objects is a provocative series that draws you inward despite its slow pace and its somber atmosphere. Rest assured – you may have to put up with very few scenes featuring Camille meditatingly driving her car while listening to music, but the reward is well worth the wait.

3. Treme

hbo series
On HBO, Treme is a powerful tv series that takes place in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It follows many interesting characters, from street musicians to college professors, who are trying to get ahead with their lives. Their determination to stand on their own feet is what fuels the show as viewers root these flawed but incredibly complex characters to achieve success.

The music is great, something to be expected since the show started in New Orleans, a city defined by its musical culture. But more than that, Treme presents a poignant picture of a community waiting for relief from despair. It’s a universal story that never gets bored.

2. Looking

best series on hbo
Funny and honest, looking is on HBO, a tv series that follows three close friends who live in San Francisco as they navigate the complexities of contemporary gay relationships. Despite the introduction, the show is not obnoxious. Gay relationships aren’t defined in any way, but they remain low-key and trust their personalities to win an audience with their charm – which is revolutionizing in and of itself.

As the title suggests, the three friends are looking for partners, jobs, and themselves. It is a show about people who struggle to determine what they want in life and who they want. So if you like that kind of thing, while also enjoying the lovable clever comedy, you should definitely watch an hour.

1. Insecure

insecure tv shows
Dive into Hbo, and look for Insecure tv series, to follows Isa and Molly, two black women and close friends who deal with an endless series of embarrassing daily events. The series is not based on stereotypes, but rather takes the viewer on a touching and often funny journey through the lives of two women in their twenties. Besides the usual difficulties of adulthood, they also have to deal with uncomfortable ethnic experiences on a daily basis.

Insecure is a new, smart, stylish and honest hbo tv shows providing a consistent look at modern dating and life in general. You will be mesmerized by the first episode.

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