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Here is a List of Lazy Animals on the planet who will make say OMG!

What are the laziest animals on earth? As a human, we are so busy and usually can’t get much free time in our world, and we all dream to be lazy, relaxed, and spending our daily life doing nothing except for eating, sleeping, and sexting! But Ha, Ha, Ha… you can’t do that buddy, get your a$$ up and work as hard as you can, do your best because nothing comes free in our world!

But, Ouch it’s okay for animals, it is different, every day is a lazy day, thanks to mother earth for providing them, with shelters, food, and the most beautiful females of their kind who don’t ask for diamond rings…

Therefore, here we are today, to give you a compiled list of the top lazy animals on earth that you will absolutely enjoy.

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23. Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard

Most Lazy Animals

Kicking off our lazy animals’ list with The pygmy bluetongue lizard which is incredibly elusive and was at one point thought to be extinct. Native to Australia, they live in spider burrows and feed on passing insects. They don’t actively catch their prey though, preferring instead to lay in the burrow with their head pointing up toward the entrance waiting for something to fall in. They don’t even leave to drink, relying instead on raindrops and dew that form around the burrow opening. As lazy as their lifestyle may sound though, it’s mostly a form of predator avoidance.

22. Cuckoo

laziest animals

Among the laziest birds in the animal kingdom are Cuckoos. Nothing equals a Cuckoo’s laziness like laying their eggs in the nest of other birds, so they don’t have to look after them, and that is precisely what these birds do! Rather than taking on the demands of parenthood, they leave their eggs in the nests of other species, such as robins and warblers, leaving them to raise their demanding chicks as their own, a tactic known as brood parasitism.

21. Nurse Shark

lazy animals on earth

It’s time to see some lazy sea animals. Well, given that many shark species need to keep swimming to breathe, you wouldn’t think of them as lazy, but the nurse shark is a different matter. They don’t migrate like many species and spend most of their time lying motionless on the seabed, an activity made possible by the fact they can actively pump water over their gills. Not needing to eat much to sustain their lifestyle, they spend much of the day sleeping and hunting at night for fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. They’re not known for their hunting skills and feed by sucking up their prey.

20. Owl Monkey

Lazy animal

Okay talking about lazy animals on earth without highlighting the Owl Monkeys, would be a shame! Therefore,  since this cute animal is capable of having Periods of sleep for 17 hours a day, as Snooze said: Owl monkeys are truly among the laziest nocturnal animals. They are known for sleeping 17 hours during the day and are mostly hyperactive at night.

19. Brown Bat

most lazy animals on the planet

Brown Bats are among the laziest animals on our list since they have periods of sleep that can reach 20 hours a day

Therefore, can you imagine that these bats are only awake for four hours a day that’s so lazy, isn’t it? Also, due to the scarcity of food, Brown bats are also the kind of animals that hibernate half the year.

18. Hamster

Lazy Animals lizard

Hamsters are among the cutest pets on earth, and they are also considered as those lazy animals. They have periods of sleep for 14 hours a day. Oh really! animals are too lucky to be lazy and not think about waking up early drinking their black coffee and spending their shitty life under the pressure of having an ugly boss like me…

You have to know that an ordinary hamster can sleep throughout the day. Therefore, for hamsters’ lovers don’t worry if you are usually finding them sleeping because these small and furry critters require more sleep than most other pets and humans.

17. Pig

Lazy pets

We already know that pegs are gonna topping the lists of the laziest animals on earth, as they have periods of sleep for 12-14 hours a day.

Therefore, you have to know when pigs fall asleep, they like to snuggle close to one another. They love it when their snouts touch.  Also, these kind of animals are just like humans, pigs dream when they are sleeping.

16. Treeshrew

lazy animals on earth

Treshrews are also among the laziest animals on our list, they have periods of sleep of 15 hours. Their time schedule consists of spending day hours searching for food and safe places, and their nights are solely for sleeping. These lazy animals like to live in rainy forests and are sometimes arboreal. Most of the time, treeshrews are on the ground but when it’s dry and empty on the ground, they take to the trees for shelter!

15. Hippo

lazy animals

Hippos can seep for about 16 to20 hours a day while they like to stay in groups and sleep together. They tend to take naps in groups of up to 30. Although they can sleep on land, hippos are also able to sleep underwater. During their underwater slumber, they must rise to the surface for air, but are still asleep during this activity! we humans might refer to as “sleep snorkeling.”

14. Opossum

laziest animal

Opossums are known for being very slow-moving lazy animals who have periods of sleep for 18-20 hours a day which make them the absolute sample of laziness and will adapt to any environment where food, water, and a safe place exist. They’re as easygoing as it gets. This also applies to their slumber, as long as their area is dark and secluded. Keep in mind that Opossums are nocturnal.

13. Python

laziest animal on earth

Coming up next, from the reptile animals’ breed, we have these snakes that are quite lazy. They have periods of sleep for 18 hours and spend most days snoozing to save up energy for shedding. It takes up to a week’s worth of sleep to prepare pythons to shed their skin. They also have trouble with their food, only eating once a week and expending tremendous energy to digest it all.

12. Duck-Billed Platypus

most lazy animals

Duck-Billed Platypus is a strange-looking animal that gets a lot of sleep periods around14 hours, but what’s most important is that they get a lot of good and healthy sleep. A study showcases that platypuses get about eight hours of REM sleep every day. REM sleep is the deepest sleep possible when it comes to animals sleep cycles, Hence, These lazy platypuses spend their days snoozing away so that they can be up at night and looking for food.

11. Pocket Mouse

pocket mouse

These little mice have periods of sleep for 20 hours a day, and they can spend the whole day getting some shut-eye. Their sleep is known as “torpor.” It’s a shorter version of hibernation, and pocket mice drop into it every day to conserve energy. They spend all summer gathering seeds for the winter months, and they need lots of rest to prepare.

10. Tiger


Tigers like to sleep on a full stomach and their periods of sleep for 18 to 20 hours. After they make a kill and chow down, they take a long nap near their food. They do this to protect their dinner from any other hunting animals in the area, and once they’re done snoozing, tigers wake up, hunt down another meal and do it all over again.

9. Squirrel

lazy animals

Squirrels are among the best cutest animals that I really like, these lazy sweet creatures love to sleep Periods of sleep for 14 hours a day because their diet is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and fat. These furry creatures usually sleep in nests made of twigs and leaves filled with fur, feathers, or other soft material they collect from the ground.

8. Spiny Anteater – Echidna

strange animal on earth

Although they have ordinary periods of sleep for 12 hours a day, and spiny anteaters aren’t as lazy as sloths, they are very slow-moving animals. Spiny anteaters, also known as echidnas, are generally solitary creatures and avoid the heat of the sun during the day. Perhaps that’s why they sleep so much.

7. Cat

lazy animals

If you have a house cat, you will probably notice that these little animals’ periods of sleep are about 18 hours a day. Therefore, these pets are so lazy, as they spend most of their day napping. Many scientific studies confirm that this is a trait that they got from their wild ancestors, who had to conserve and dedicate their energy to hunting.

6. Armadillo

laziest animal

Armadillos are some sort of lazy animals who have periods of sleep for 18-19 hours a day. they can be seen active during the evenings, but lazy and spend most of their day sleeping. But scientists still haven’t figured out why these animals are so sleepy. One theory is that they’re such stationary animals.

5. Lion

Laziest Animal

Lions’ periods of sleep and napping can take up to 18-20 hours and sometimes it may reach 24 hours a day!

Well, it is well known that sometimes, the weather in Africa can be scorching hot, therefore, all that lions can do in such torridity is sleep through it. It’s for their good, because when they are awake, lions are extremely active, with all of their hunting and fighting, they will be exhausted easily.

4. Lemur


Lemurs are wet-nosed mammals of the superfamily Lemuroidea, they are separated into 100 species, via 8 families, and consist of 15 breeds. They are known for having periods of sleep that reaches 16 hours a day.

During the day, lemurs are very independent creatures, going about their day on their own. However, at night, they often like snoozing and sleeping in groups. They like to clump together. Talk about a cuddle sesh!

3. Panda

Laziest Animal

Periods of sleep for 10 hours a day

lazy animals mean Pandas, these relaxed carefree creatures have periods of sleep that reaches 10 hours a day. They tend to do two things with their day: 1. Sleep; 2. Forage. After a long day of finding and feasting on bamboo, a giant panda loves to climb up into its favorite tree and sleep.

2. Sloth

Most Laziest Animals

Known for their Periods of sleep for 20 hours a day, Sloths are arguably among those lazy kinds of animals on earth and are well known for their funny snooze facts. But who can blame them? If you moved as slowly as one of these guys, you’d be just as lethargic. The leisurely animals spend most of their day hanging out in the treetops of their rainforest homes. They do everything in these trees, from sleeping to giving birth. Why move when you can do everything in one place?

1. KoalaLazy Animals

Coming at number one are Koalas. Their Period of sleep is about 18 to 22 hours a day, which makes them as the laziest animals on the planet. You know how you feel like passing out after eating a juicy burger and a side of chili fries? That’s how a koala feels after nomming on eucalyptus leaves. The fiber-heavy diet requires a lot of energy. To digest it all, koalas spend 75 percent of their day dozing in the trees.

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