12 Best Sad Depressing Romance Anime To Watch Now
3K views · Oct 4, 2022
Hello, welcome to this recommended list that will provide you with some of the best depressing romance anime series to watch. These sad romantic anime series are not just tear-jerking, they also have a good love story and heartwarming characters which make them worth watching.

these depressing romance anime tv shows are both sad and heartwarming which makes them guaranteed to make you cry in love. While The perfect mix of romance, drama, and struggle, is these anime series will absolutely make you question everything about life.

So, With no further ado, let the countdown of the best romantic yet depressing anime series begin! 
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0:00 Introduction
0:41 Kuzu no Honkai
1:28 Charlotte
2:42 10: White Album 2
3:03 Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
4:14 No.6
4:38 Plastic Memories
5:24 68 True Tears
6:34 ef: A Tale of Memories
6:59 Violet Evergarden
7:58 Anohana
8:34 Clannad
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