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How To Exercise At Home During Quarantine Period!

how to exercise at home

You can also do balance and stability exercises at home, that makes the person physically fit and permanently active, for example:

  • Cobra Yoga Stretch:

First, you should place a rug on the floor, lie on the abdomen, then lower the head down, put your hands in the rib cage.

don’t forget the insteps are on the floor, then the hands are placed with the chest raised forward.

You can repeat this exercise 10 times.

  • Body lifting exercise

The abdomen is lying on the ground. Also, focus on the knees and hand. Then hands and knees are stretched down.

Be careful to place the hands under the shoulders, and then take the inhale when pulling the muscles in the abdomen.

The right foot is moved backward with the fingers bent. Finally, the left foot is placed next to the right foot with pressure on the thighs.

  • Lifting exercise

First, lying on the ground with your back and your thighs close.

The hand is raised upward without moving the ribs.

The head is raised from the ground until it reaches the feet.


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