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how to exercise at home

Exercising At Home During Quarantine Period [The best ways]

In this article, we will talk about a very important topic which is how to exercise at home in the correct way, especially during the quarantine period.

Which prompted us to sit for long periods at home and eat foods, also deprived many of the opportunity to go to the gym and do the exercises necessary to lose weight and maintain fitness Physical.

Exercising daily at home is of great importance because the human body needs to exercise in all age groups, and it is at all times and in places.

As exercising helps to maintain physical fitness and exercising for half an hour is a guarantee for improving human health.

How do you exercise at home properly?

exercise at home

  • Exercise at home during the quarantine is an important thing that everyone should do.
    But the way to exercise should be correct, and this must be done to prepare the body before doing exercise through warm-up exercises before exercising.
    That provides vitality and activity and works to flow blood to All body parts.
  • Work to soften the muscles of the body to do a physical effort, in order to protect the muscles from the occurrence of muscle cramping, tension, or tearing when doing the exercise suddenly.
    To prevent this from happening, you should gradually do exercises to prevent fatigue and exhaustion before the main exercise.
  • Preferably prior to performing the main exercises, performing simple exercises for 10 minutes.
  • Attention to the diet is important to make the way to exercise correct, because the main source of energy for the body is food, and food must be eaten about two hours before doing exercises.
  • Foods rich in carbohydrates, such as dairy products and fruits, must be eaten, and people who exercise should stay away from foods with a high percentage of fats that are not digested quickly during exercise.
  • And after exercising about half an hour, it is preferable to have a snack and drink hot drinks only to make up for what was lost during physical activity.

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