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The Net Worth of Chris Brown as of 2021

What Is The Net Worth of Chris Brown in 2021?

Before talking about Chris Brown’s net worth, you have to know that his real name is Christopher Morris Brown, who is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor.

He released his self-titled first album in 2005, “Chris Brown”, through which he gained great success and fame in the world. He has also won several awards and has a lot of songs featured on the Billboard Top 100.

Chris Brown has a net worth of $50 million in 2021, making him one of the richest hip-hop singers in the world. His wealth comes from his albums and many projects that we will talk about below.


Chris Brown Early life:

chris brown net worth

Christopher Brown was born on May 5, 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia,

His mother, Joyce Hawkins, is a former daycare center director, and his father, Clinton Brown, works as a corrections officer in a local prison. He has an older sister who works at a bank, her name is Lytrell Bundy.

His parents divorced, and his mother had suffered domestic violence from her new boyfriend.

From a young age, he listened to the albums of the soul owned by his parents, something that created in him a love for singing and dancing. He performed in his church choir and local talent shows. Often, Michael Jackson was his main inspiration.


Chris Brown Career:

After signing with Jive Records in 2004, Chris Brown began recording his debut album, “Chris Brown”, the following year. Huge success! It sold 154,000 copies in its first week.

Chris Brown continued to release many albums, and in 2007 he released his 2nd album, Exclusive, and also:

  • Graffiti (2009)
  • F.A.M.E. (2011)
  • Fortune (2012)
  • X (2014)
  • Royalty (2015)
  • Heartbreak on a Full Moon (2017)
  • Indigo (2019)
  • Breezy (TBA)

Brown has also branched out into acting, seeing him first in “Stomp the Yard” and also in starring in the family drama film, “This Christmas” in 2007.

He has appeared in several internationally acclaimed films such as Takers, Think Like a Man, Battle of the Year…, in addition to the TV show Black-ish.

Chris Brown has won many awards during his career, most notably:

  • BET & Soul Train Music Awards – Best New Artist (2006)
  • Billboard Music Awards – Top New & Male Artist (2006)
  • American Music Awards – Artist of the Year (2008)
  • Teen Choice Awards – Choice Male Artist (2008)
  • People’s Choice Awards – Favorite Male Artist (2009)
  • BET Hip-Hop Awards – People’s Champ (Look At Me Now, 2011)
  • Grammy Awards – Best R&B Album (F.A.M.E, 2012)
  • BET Awards – Best Male R&B/Pop Artist (2011, 2012, 2015)

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The Net Worth of Chris Brown as of 2021

chris brown net worth

All these achievements and successes have made Chris Brown achieve an amazing net worth from his beginning to today.

Here’s how much Chris Brown’s net worth has reached in the past from 2016 to 2021:

  • 2020/2021: Net Worth is $50 million
  • 2019: Net Worth was $50 million
  • 2018: Net Worth was $30 million
  • 2017: Net Worth was $25 million
  • 2016: Net Worth was $23.9 million


Other Ventures:

In 2007, he founded the record label CBE, under Interscope Records.

In 2012, he launched a clothing line called “Black Pyramid”, in collaboration with the founders of the Pink + Dolphin clothing line.

Chris Brown has stated he owns 14 Burger King restaurants.


Chris Brown’s properties:

Chris Brown owns several homes, among them:

  • A glass mansion of its kind in the Hollywood Hills for $ 1.4 million.
  • Tarzana’s smart house located in Los Angeles cost 4.3 million dollars, and it contains 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 16 security cameras, a large garage, and many other things.

Chris Brown is considered one of the luxury car enthusiasts, as he owns a large group of cars: Porsche 911 Turbo S, Lamborghini Aventador SV, Bugatti Veyron, Rezvani “Beast” Supercar, Rezvani Tank, classic Chevy Impala, and Dodge Viper.


We also mention that Chris Brown owns a private Gulfstream 3 plane, as well as a yacht called “Serene” that includes a spa and beach club, multiple swimming pools, an underwater viewing room, and helicopter landing pads.


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