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16 Unbelievable Celebrities Who Are Real Jerks In Real Life



She gets away with being a diva because people love it when she “slays” people but she’s actually a huge jerk. She’s constantly bringing down other women in the music industry, and a lot of people expressed that they hate working with her because her demands are too high.




Rihanna is a loved singer, she is one of the biggest superstars in the world. and she is the perfect combination of musical talent, fierce fashion sense, but she is a rude girl, and fierce too, at least to some of her fans.

Her Fans asked for her autograph, and she told the closest backup dancer to forge it for them and send them away.” So RUDE!

And for that, you deserve the title of the best one among celebrities who are jerks?





He has been quoted saying: “My presence is charity. Just who I am. Just like Obama’s is. Obama provides hope.” and also he explained his cheating on Beyonce by revealing that the infidelity was caused by him “shutting down” his emotions.

Jay. has never been afraid to speak his mind. He has gone on numerous shows and done multiple interviews bashing fellow artist and companies that he does not agree with.




Jonah Hill seems a sweetheart in films, but the truth is he refuses autographs, hands fans business cards.

according to Naughty Gossip. meeting him was a ‘total letdown’.

he also revealed to Radio Host Howard Stern,  that he is good at making movies, but not good at being a famous person,”.

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