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Top 18 Best Scary Movies of 2020 to Watch

Best horror Movies of 2020 to Watch

Which are The Best Scary Movies to Watch in 2020 ?

Today, throughout this article, we will be counting our picks for the 10 best recommended horror scary movies of 2020 (so far).

In your opinion, when did the scary horror movies become an enjoyable escape from real life?

the answer will be in this ultimate scariest list, where we’ll be looking at the most memorable horror movies ever released in 2020 so far.

Keep in mind, that We are including the newest scary movies that premiered technically between 2019 and 2020.

18: Sea Fever

 Scary Movies of 2020

Kicking the list of the best scary movies of 2020, we have a late 2019 release called “Sea Fever”. In essence, “Sea Fever” was created for theatrical distribution, as it switched to a VOD model due to the epidemic. This is a strange and disturbing coincidence as many drew parallels between the movie and real-world events. Tell us if this sounds familiar: While out of the sea, the crew’s water supply has been contaminated with lethal parasites, sparking many discussions on board. Should the crew self-quarantine or head to the port for assistance? If someone is injured, should they be taken out of their misery immediately and there? The movie is replete with challenging and bizarre ethical questions involved, from which true horror springs. Sea Fever, rising from stifling atmosphere and strong leadership performance from Connie Nielsen, raises the tension.

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17. Underwater

underwater film

Underwater is among the best 2020 scary movies that received mixed reviews and did not rattle at the box office. However, it is worth a second look upon request for its horrific atmosphere and heartfelt action. The film follows Kristen in a committed performance as an engineer aboard an underwater facility. When the laboratory is exposed to an earthquake, the crew is sent into chaos , but it turns out there’s something more deadly in the water. While not quite on the same level as James Cameron’s production, Underwater deserves to be compared with movies like Outsiders and Abyss. In fact, the movie consistently leaves you with a feeling of drowning, giving little time to come out.

16. Gretel & Hansel

scary/horror movies 2020

Many have fond memories of having grown up reading “Hansel and Gretel,” what her candy house was and the children were triumphing over a witch. When you think about it, though, this so-called children’s story puts down bleak in Grimm’s fairy tale, and deals with abandonment, kidnapping, and cannibalism. “Gretel and Hansel” embrace their dark roots, triggering the creep and spray factor in some twists. Sophia Lillis from “It” and newcomer Sammy Leaky represent the honorary brothers, who in the woods encounter a woman with a quirky appetite. Director Oz Perkins directs his own action thriller and crazy set. Even if the buildup is a little slow, the main course of this scary film if 2020 will really fill your stomach with fear.

15. VFW


This 2020 movie is all crazy, as the list suggests scary movies, this one is so enjoyable to watch. it’s about some elderly vets who once again find themselves at war. This time, the enemy is a crazy drug dealer and his people. Stuck in the middle is a teenage girl our heroes have sworn to protect. The “VFW” card contains a calling card for a classic photo of a grinder, complete with backlashes, top performances, and balls on the wall. The movie has got written status everywhere and midnight once theaters start opening can become a staple.

14. The Platform

new horror film of 2020

“Platform” has echoes of the “Twilight Zone”, albeit there is a lot of blood and blood. Nevertheless, the innovative hypothesis, the shocking twists, and the political commentary certainly interest Rod Serling. This Netflix movie is being shown in a vertical prison with hundreds of floors. In the center is a movable platform that carries a lavish feast from top to bottom. The higher you are, the less hungry you are. The more you say, well … your cellmate might start to look super mesmerizing. It is an interesting preparation, done by style, satire and many satisfactory returns brilliantly executed. For anyone who longs for original ideas, you’ll rarely know where the “stage” is going.

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13. Come to Daddy

Best Scary Movies of 2020 to Watch

About this comedy movie, Elijah Wood’s haircut and mustache is not the strangest thing. Wood plays Norval, a full-grown boy mama who meets his estranged father in a remote cabin. Instead of burying the hatchet, Norval begins to fear that his father is trying to put him under six feet. There are more layers in the male bonding journey than suspects up to Norval, though. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say the movie trailer only gives the viewer an experience of what it’s in store. Come to the Father takes many unexpected turns that evoke humor and fun. Similar to the movie “The Visit” by M. Night Shyamalan, the film follows a tightrope between fear and humor, as it culminated in a tumultuous decision.

12. Color out of Space

Best horror Movies of 2020 to Watch

Remember when Nicolas Cage was the most unpredictable, unrestrained, and rude actor in Hollywood? Well, between “mom & dad” and “mandy” and now “color out of space”, in years Cage’s career has not been exciting. In this adaptation of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s short story, Cage plays a family man who suffers from a meteorite that emits another purple. Cage isn’t the only one to ride the comeback train, as the movie also marks the comeback of director Richard Stanley, who has been basically Maya since that sinister film “Dr. Morrow’s Island.” Stanley has plans for a Lovecraft Trio and this first entry is a great start. With psychedelic visuals, a gritty sense of mystery, and the cage man himself, color our admiration.

11. The Lodge

the lodge

With a harsh and isolated winter environment, the psychological thriller story might remind us of “The Sparkle” and “The Thing,” the latter of which are directly referenced. Riley Keough is exceptional, a former cult member with a history of mental illness. Grace is invited to spend Christmas with her boyfriend and children, who have strong reservations about bringing an unstable woman to their hostel. When Grace is left alone with the kids, things go from uncomfortable to totally disturbing as the cabin suffers from unexplained accidents. Is Grace going crazy or are there other forces at work? The “booze” keeps us guessing until the final action, and once everything is in place, you will be left in your heart.

10. Horse Girl

Best Scary Movies of 2020 to Watch

Horse Girl is a 2020 American scary drama movie, starring Alisson Brie, Molly Shannon, and Goldenite. this is really one of the best psychological movies of 2020 that chronicles a scary story that follow Sarah, an anti-social woman who is in love with arts and crafts, horses, and supernatural crime shows. in fact her surreal dreams will affect her perception of reality.

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9. The Hunt

scary films of 2020

Coming up next on the list of the best scary movies of 2020, we have “The Hunt” a new thriller/action film that depicts the story of Twelve strangers waking up in a clearing. without knowing where they are — or how they even got there.

It turns out that in a dark web conspiracy theory, cruel selfish group gather at a remote location to hunt humans out of a sport.

Hence, their devilish plan is about to be obstructed when the hunted Crystal, turns the tables on her hunters.

8. The Invisible Man

the invisible man

The academy rarely acknowledges the horror movies, but Elizabeth Moss deserves the award of 2020 best actress for her spooky and scary work in The Invisible Man. Moss brings a realistic feel of realism to her performance as Cecilia Cass, a woman with emotional and physical scars who never seems to run away from her ex. Director Lee Wannel views HG Wells’s novel through a modern lens, actively exploring domestic violence and growing technology. By following this focused approach, the Les and Anil version almost feels like it could happen in today’s world. Which makes setup more difficult. Despite the tension he may be, “the invisible man” is a lot of fun as well. With a well-crafted cut, expertly proven cut, and compelling lead performance, this flick stands out like no other.

7. Relic

Best horror Movies of 2020 to Watch

Next up we have Relic, a 2020 Australian horror drama film directed by Natalie Erika James. starring Emily Mortimer, Robyn Nevin and Bella Heathcote. this is among the most magnificent scary movies i have ever seen up to 2020, due to the story that has a ghostly atmosphere that chronicles the tale of a family matriarch called Edna goes missing, her daughter and granddaughter return home to find her. They discover a haunting presence hanging over the home, which is taking over Edna’s mind.

6. Freaky


From the director Christopher Landon, and Starring Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton, Celeste O’Connor. Freaky is another good scary movie of 2020, that chronicles the story of a young girl in high school, who after swapping bodies with a deranged serial killer, she realizes that she has only 24 hours left, before the change becomes permanent.

5: Swallow

Best Scary Movies of 2020 to Watch

Carlo Mirabella Davis has made one of the most interesting and interesting body horror photos of this side of David Cronenberg, with his directorial debut. The film carries a lead magnetic performance from Healy Bennett, who shares a strange resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence in “Mother” Bennett shines like Hunter, the pregnant trophy wife who looks perfect on the surface; But something more terrible is happening beneath the surface – literally. She suffers from nevus, a real disorder that forces her to consume marble, thumbtacks, and other inedible items. Even when not leaning too hard into a bloody area, for those who can handle the constriction-inducing subject, they are pills worth swallowing.

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4. Impetigore

new horror films

Joko Anwar receives the Citra award for his good directing of “Impetigore”. which is a Horror, Mystery, and scary movie that will keep you hooked. the story of this film revolves around A woman, who found herself inheriting a house in her ancestral village, only to discover later that some inhabitant in that village have been trying to pinpoint and kill her to erase the curse that has afflicted them for years.

3. Extra Ordinary

extra ordinary

Maeve Higgins and Barry Ward stars a scary supernatural movie that focuses on Rose, a lovely and cute driving instructor with supernatural talents, decides to save Martin’s daughter from being sacrificed by a former rock star, who is trying to reignite his fame.

2. Host

Best Scary Movies of 2020 to Watch

Coming at number 2 among best scary movies of 2020, we have “Host”. a Horror Mystery that depicts a scary story of Six friends holding a meeting via an online app during lockdown. However, things will get far more than what they bargained for, as they intentionally triggered the attention of demon, and strange occurrences starts popping out in their homes.

1. His House

Best Scary Movies of 2020 to Watch

His House is by far the best scary movies of 2020, this is a horror, drama, and thriller that will traumatize and give you nightmares bro…

from the director Remi Weeks, and starring Sope Dirisu, Wunmi Mosaku. The story focuses on a refugee couple, who actually makes a distressing escape from war-torn South Sudan. However, they will later must do their best to adjust to their new life in an English town that has an evil lurking beneath the surface.

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