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end of the world movies

The Top 15 End of The World Movies | Post Apocalypse Films to Watch Now!

end of the world movies

This Horrific Movies article Title shouldn’t imply that the world is at its end, yet the recent worldwide pandemic will change how you consider things before long.

And keeping in mind that some may track down that the sorts of motion pictures they need to observe right currently are solace movies or experience films—something to take their brain off every day—some might need to go the other way. Simply submerge themselves in the film that mirrors the world we’re living in this moment, or one we’re going towards.

These movies may offer a brief look at the thing that’s inevitably coming, they might be brimming with pointers for how to explore society after a worldwide calamity, and usually, they’re a misrepresented glance at what might occur if the world just went to hellfire.

Be that as it may, we can promise a certain something: that all  of these Post Apocalypse Movies worth watching.

So this reaches from the limit of Mad Max: Fury Road to an all the more quietly changed world (on the off chance that we could’ve put The Leftovers on here, we would have). In any case, these movies have a comment not just about the end world we could be living in, however, the one we’re living in now—pandemic or no.

15. This Is the End

It is safe to say that you are still actually, super irritated by the possibility of big names “helping” during a pandemic by singing John Lennon’s “Envision” from the solace of their uber homes?

At that point, the demulcent you need is This Is the End, the pitch-wonderful repulsiveness parody coordinated by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg that ridicules how Hollywood’s greatest names would respond to the exacting end times.

The appropriate response, as, all things considered, is: “Inadequately”. Playing themselves, Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson end up squatted in Franco’s L.A. manor as devils ascend from the Earth and the apocalypse shows up.

In the event that it’s one thing we’ve without a doubt get the hang of during this pandemic it’s that famous people are not “very much like us”, yet at any rate, This Is the End is among the best post apocalypse movies that is really darn amusing about the entire thing.

14. Contagion

Although several previous global post-apocalypse disaster movies have since been lost, the Coronavirus pandemic has made Contagion more real than ever.

Although many fans see the film as clairvoyant due to its eerie precision, its prediction was the culmination of extensive testing and excellent filmmaking.

Contagion tells the story of a worldwide pandemic and its impact on different characters and the world as a whole. Does this sound familiar?

Although it is undeniably one of the top end-of-the-world movies that hits a little too close to home, Steven Soderbergh is able to rely on the film’s characters to create a new plot. He walks the thin line between science and personal disputes, which is what makes the film so compelling.

13. 12 Monkeys

To suggest Terry Gilliam’s view of the world of 12 Monkeys is grim will be like saying the sky is blue. And its thematic bleakness that shines through.

One of the best time travel movies, that is set in the future, in 2035, an inmate living in an underground compound (Bruce Willis) is chosen to be prepared to travel back in time to stop the end of the world and prevent a lethal virus from wiping out nearly half of mankind in 1996.

What is the purpose of using prisoners? Since, of course, time travel is risky, because they are expendable. Willis’ character goes on a fairly wild adventure in 1996, and the past, present, and future continue to blur as we head for a humdinger of a conclusion.

12. I Am Legend

What would it feel like to be the last human on the planet? I Am Legend is one of the best movies that delves into this by following Robert Neville (Will Smith), a scientist who is unable to combat a plague that has wiped out the human race and declares the end of the world. However, as Neville searches for a solution, he must avoid the monsters that the virus has produced.

Will Smith gives a strong performance in this post apocalypse film, particularly considering that the majority of his scenes are performed by himself, his dog, or the scary zombies out to kill him. The film does an excellent job of keeping you on the edge of your seat. Even, after watching the triler video, make sure to not skip any second while watching the whole movie.

11. The Wandering Earth

This end-of-the-world film, which few people have heard of, has become one of the year’s biggest and highest-grossing movies. That’s because it’s big in China, where it was made, but American moviegoers can now watch it thanks to Netflix.

It is set in the far future and follows a group of explorers and rescue workers as they guide the Earth away from a rising Sun in order to avoid a collision with Jupiter. China Film Group Corporation released the film theatrically in China on 5 February 2019 (Chinese New Year’s Day), followed by North America and Australia on 8 February 2019.

10. Melancholia

Post Apocalypse series, rather than any other movies about the end of the world, are rife with external violence. Zombies, earthquakes, and viruses are common plot devices in these films.

Contagion may have shown the devastation that a pandemic may cause, but for those of us—those fortunate enough to operate from home or reside in places with low case counts—Melancholia better reflects our current situation.

An ebbing and flowing current of fear, a looming impact—and nothing to do but wait.

About the fact that Melancholia is on a collision path with Earth, the real rivalry is between two sisters who are awaiting the imminent disaster. The film is based on a concept rather than action.

This is what distinguishes Melancholia as a rare end-of-the-world film. It addresses very relatable themes and feelings through the lens of an unrelatable situation.

Not to mention, Kirsten Dunst’s role as the film’s protagonist, Melancholia, has been something of a calling card for her.

9. Independence Day

I better do my part and offer President Whitmore’s (Bill Pullman) notorious discourse, at any rate, multiple times via web-based media! This is top Roland Emmerich here with a first-class first demonstration that forms tension by sounding one caution after the following, provoking you to address the inquiry, how should you respond in the event that you got a brief look at such a danger?

It is safe to say that you are escaping the enormous city or will you be important for the rooftop top inviting council? Indeed, Independence Day basically follows the most fundamental debacle film outline, however, it demonstrates the estimation of such an arrangement.

The hazardous pressure of the main demonstration, the approaching destruction that grabs hold in the second until our far-fetched legends decipher the code (or cold?) that offers us only one chance (or only one breaking down bomb) to guarantee that “we’re going to live on!” Independence Day is the most ideal sort of catastrophe film solace food; a wild ride overflowing with sentimentality, invigorating set pieces, and enchanting saints that stones an animating completion.

8. 10 Cloverfield Lane

As the sequel to the Cloverfield franchise, 10 Cloverfield Lane had to tackle the negative reviews of its predecessor. Since it first came out, it soon became the best film in the franchise.

The plot revolves around a young woman who awakens from a car crash in the shelter of a doomsday prepper who believes that the outside world has been affected by a chemical attack.

The argument intensifies when neither the woman nor the listener knows what to believe.

The antagonist, played by John Goodman, beautifully executes the film’s increasingly suspenseful premise.

7. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Studio Ghibli has made some great enlivened movies since its beginning. Repeating likely the world best insight and dream-like movies, one could almost negligence and extraordinary compared to other post-apocalypse end times anime motion pictures ever.

That story is called Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa. We enter an Earth that has gone up against a nuclear clash named the “Seven Days of Fire” which bought basically all continuing with life to an end.

By and by the world is assaulted by beast bugs and toxic breezes from the tree’s new spores. Regardless, there exists a domain of congruity called the “Valley of the breeze” and it seems like the tenants, including a young princess named Nausicaa, have found a veritable outcast.

Anyway an airplane from a despicable domain shows up and tries to recuperate and reestablish an old weapon, Nausicaa should endeavor to finish before time end to save her world, family, and her domain, This is absolutely one of the best animated movies on our list that you must watch.

6. A Quiet Place

One of the best apocalypse movies that puts the focus on a family attempting to make due after outsiders show up on Earth and maybe the end of the world is just on their doorsteps.

These animals can’t see you, yet they can barely hear anything at all, so the way into the Abbott family’s endurance is remaining quiet. The essential reason is appealing completely all alone, however, what makes

A Quiet Place a standout amongst other end of the world movies out there is the means by which John Krasinski and his group expertly take advantage of the situation. A Quiet Place brags some of the best stable plans I’ve at any point experienced. I stress watching the film in a dim, calm spot since I’d be stunned on the off chance that you didn’t discover yourself holding your own breath. The entirety of the Quiet Place thrills are very sly and top-notch, yet what takes the strain to another level is the cast science and the significance of family all through the film.

Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe all convey one show-halting second after the following, and they all mix to genuinely cause you to feel the pressing factors of nurturing. On a normal day, there’s heaps of pressure that accompanies guarding kids, both by keeping an attentive gaze over them and furthermore by showing them the important abilities and exercises to really focus on themselves. Presently envision doing the entirety of that while being followed by beasts that will discover you on the off chance that you goof and hack.

5. Akira

Akira is without any other person a behemoth. In Japan, a terrible impact achieved by a youngster with spiritualist powers obliterates most of Tokyo and prompts World War 3. Despite the issue, the military can get this little young person and he ends up being just a reference in the world.

Quite a while later in Neo Tokyo, made to keep Tokyo alive, bunch severity and mental fighting are at an immaculate high. Shoutarou Kaneda top of a force called the holders ends up running into a visionary customer during a battle with an adversary bunch. Shoutarou’s best friend Tetsuo ends up having an inactive power structure during this experience and the public position scrambles to keep this new possible threat from mimicking the past. What expects Shoutaro and his friend Tetsuo will be a battle not at all like some other.

Akira has procured prevalence for being a champion among other post-apocalyose anime movies, a decent position which is as it ought to be. Despite this film being just around thirty years old, it has been redesigned and redistributed never obscuring from the mind of anime fans all throughout the planet. Akira has been a living clarification to what development could do course back since its conveyance. Without a doubt, even today Akira Anime really looks bewildering and has an epic end of world story.

4. Snowpiercer

Before winning an Oscar for Parasite, Bong Joon-ho directed even more Hollywood movies, and one of them is the end of world film “Snowpiercer”.

This is among the best movies of our list, like the graphic novel in which it is based, portrays a post-apocalypse world in which everybody has died save for the occupants of one long and mysterious train.

The weak live in the rear, subsisting on scraps, while those in the front live in comfort.

(“So it is,” Tilda Swinton’s character can still be called on to say to justify herself.) Or, at least, that’s how it goes until star Chris Evans speaks.

3.  Mad Max

If you want to go all the way back to the beginning of this magnificent post apocalyptic movies franchise.

Mad Max, which was released in 1979, holds the record for “Most Profitable Film Ever.” It officially cost less than $400,000 to produce and grossed more than $100 million worldwide. Not poor for small Australian production.

Mad Max, as the other films in the franchise, was produced by director George Miller. after the end of the world the director envisioned a bleak future in which oil was the main resource, and this part of mad max movies depicts how society’s remains dealt with this shift.

It might not have the luster of Fury Road, but it still has plenty of death-defying driving and wild stunt work.

2. Bird Box

Bird Box is another end of world apocalypse movie that shows the battle of a single parent in a dystopian reality where she needs to cross a deceptive stream with her two children and the greatest test that they face while doing this is that they need to do the entirety of this with a blindfold on.

The plot sounds somewhat recognizable, isn’t that right? Indeed, that is on the grounds that it’s actually similar to the film,

In any case, at that point, there are other people who really delighted in this thrill ride for its astounding idea and furthermore the parts where an excessive number of things were not uncovered in light of the fact that they give us knowledge into the hero’s psyche who herself was attempting to disentangle the secrets around her.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

At Number 1 of the best Movies about The end of The World, we have Mad Max: Fury, which is set in a post apocalypse time that makes everyone viewing this Film is the equivalent of jumping a go-kart across a canyon in terms of heart rate, which is useful because you can’t go outside. A flawless video. Keep an eye on it right now. Fury Road is a cathartic high-octane escape.

George Miller, the probably crazy director of the first three Mad Max films as well as Happy Feet, simply drove a lot of 18-wheelers and rally cars out into the desert and blew them up. Charlize Theron stars as a one-armed warrior woman who shatters a despot’s dictatorship. Tom Hardy is tossed around for the duration of the film.

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