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The top celebrity dads who have done a great job balancing parenting and their careers.

Parenting might not be the easiest thing, but these celebrity dads seem to have been able to handle it with smiling faces! Between their responsibilities as actors, singers, and sports stars – they managed to take care of their kids well.

By checking out this list of the greatest celebrity fathers, you can see that they’re teaching us a lesson. It’s: “No matter how busy we get if we want to spend time with our family and love them, we’ll always find the time.”

Here’s a list of the greatest celebrity fathers that have demonstrated the same level of parenting skills as well as moms.

19. Alexis Ohanian

celebrity dads

Alexis Kerry Ohanian is an internet entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded and is now the Executive Chairman of Reddit, a social media site. He is best known for his marriage to Tennis star Serena Williams. Serena Williams has posted on Instagram so many cute, precious photos of her beloved, Alexis Ohanian, and their daughter, Alexis Ohanian Jr. as he usually looks after their daughter while Serena Williams is busy with her work.

18. Orlando Bloom

celebrities kids

Orlando Bloom is one of the most hands-on celebrity dads out there. From taking Flynn to school to baking him cookies, he’s always giving his son the time and attention he deserves. The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean icon is a devoted father too, which is something to hope for. He said: “My wife, Miranda Kerr, flies somewhere for work. I must take care of Flynn. He goes to work, his wife looks after Flynn and vice versa. Orlando and Miranda got it covered without needing to do anything special. Mission accomplished Mr. Orlando.

17. Steph Curry

steph curry kids

Stephen Curry is a popular American professional basketball player, who plays with the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association. If you haven’t seen Riley, Steph Curry’s daughter, you’re missing out! She stole the show at the NBA Finals victory in 2015. Like many celebs, Steph regrets putting his daughter in the spotlight. But as a thoughtful father, he’s teaching other celebrity dads to not do the same mistake and to let their children live normal life.

16. Jimmy Fallon

best celebrity dads

Late-night TV hosts often seem to have a bleak outlook on the world. But not this dad of two girls, who has changed his attitude after becoming their father. Jimmy Fallon may be known for The Tonight Show, but he’s also got plenty of other achievements. The Saturday Night Live icon also has two adorable daughters with his longstanding wife. You may have seen them pop up on the show from to time!

15. Jack Black

best celebrity fathers

I would say there may be no better person in the world than Thomas Jacob Black. Actor, comedian, singer-songwriter, and more, he is also one of the best celebrity dads out there! You might recognize him from his film roles since the early ’90s. High Fidelity, Envy, Orange County, School of Rock, and Shallow Hal, are just some of his memorable movies. Outside of his acting career, the comedy star has embraced fatherhood. His two sons are Samuel and Thomas David Black, who he shares with his wife, Tanya Haden.

14. Jimmy Kimmel

best celebrity dads

One of the best celebrity dads is James Christian Kimmel–American television host, comedian, writer, and producer. He hosts and produces Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy Kimmel is a proud father of four lovely children, two daughters, and two sons. He has expressed it in many acts, interviews, and even in his live show. Jimmy Kimmel has two children with his first wife, Gina. They are named Katie and Kevin. His current wife is Molly McNearney, and they have two kids, Jane and William.

13. Matthew McConaughey

matthew mcconaughey kids

Matthew is among the best celerity fathers on this list, as the man believes that sometimes giving your children what they want is essential, but at other times it is better to take a hardline approach. Affluent parents can buy their kids most things, but this usually doesn’t help them grow into healthier adults. Showing love for a child is about finding a balance between these two approaches.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves boast a private family life in the Hamptons with their three young children – Levi, 13, Vida, 12, and Livingston, nine. The couple has been married since 2012.

12. David Beckham

bekham family

David Beckham is a cool celebrity footballer who went on to be a full-time dad after his career-ending. David and Victoria Beckham have four children – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.” Each of their names is tattoed on David’s back.

Beckham’s four kids are growing up. David and Victoria have posted lots of photos and videos of their children on social media. Their kids seem to be interested in a diverse range of things. From soccer with dad to horseback riding and modeling to judo training and awesome trips, they seem excited to try as many diverse activities as they can.

11. Ben Stiller

best celebrity dads

As a dad, Ben has been candid about how his career provides benefits to being a parent. One example of this is when his kids were younger and he used his acting skills to act out imaginary scenarios with them for playtime. In an interview with the proud father, Ben Stiller said that he hopes for a tie for Father’s Day because it symbolizes being a dad. The Hollywood star doesn’t want his children to feel like they’re missing out on anything, so he’s trying to be as much fun as possible even though he is somehow an expert at making people laugh.

10. Chris Hemsworth

best celebrity dads

Among the greatest celebrity fathers is Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth is known as Thor to the world but is just a simple and good dad to his three adorable children.

Chris is globally famous and balances his time between giving back to the community and spending quality time with his family. He often shares the stories of his experiences and happy moments with his family, and in interviews, he talks about how proud he is of his kids.

9. Will Smith

best celebrity fathers

Will is a great father! You could say he’s the epitome of what some people would call “a good celebrity dad”. He respects his family a lot which I think says everything about his character. He’s also still close to his son, Jaden, despite the fact that he’s grown up to be an adult.

Will Smith expressed in an interview that he learned some acting lessons from his child! Therefore, he credited Jaden for helping him earn his Best Actor nomination in 2007 for the movie The Pursuit of Happiness.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo

ronaldo family

Cristiano Ronaldo always talks about his son after winning a game, achieving some goals, or just having some heart-warming family moments. It’s obvious he’s proud to be a dad.

In addition, it looks like the son has inherited his father’s football skills. For that reason, Ronaldo is always there to help his son get ready for becoming a pro player one day!

7. Kevin Hart

best celebrity dads

Kevin Hart is a famous American comedian, actor, and producer. He has starred in films such as “Central Intelligence”, “Ride Along” and “Jumanji”.

Kevin Hart is a great celebrity dad because he is taken fatherhood seriously. I’m sure you know, but if you’re a fan of this Emmy-award nominee, then you know he is an amazing father to his children Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo, and Kaori. He has always been dedicated to them from when they were all newborns.

6. Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds kids

Ryan Reynolds, the star of Marvel‘s Deadpool, is a Canadian icon and a father of two beautiful children. The man doesn’t hold back on his thoughts about how much he loves them… Deadpool star used to say that he would sacrifice himself for his wife, however with having two babies he has changed to “I will use her as a shield in order to protect our children”. How sarcastic you are, dear Reynolds.

5. John Legend

best celebrity dads

John Legend and Chrissy Teigan are a couple made in heaven. Along with their beautiful baby, Luna, they show the world what it’s like to be part of the perfect “family”.

Having kids really puts into perspective the importance of childhood, and how important it is to provide them with a good happy life. It would be no surprise that John became more introspective about his place in the world—a privileged one, given his family’s wealth. But, it’s really sad when you realize that there are too many who don’t have that.

4. Dwayne Johnson

dwayne johnson family

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is an American-Canadian actor, and producer. He is best known for his role in Fast and Furious, and Jumanji, while his latest role is Black Adam.

As an actor, he is praised for his work. But, it’s important to mention how awesome of a dad he is too! Dwayne Johnson has three daughters, who he loves a lot. Even though he looks tough on the outside the man has shown his soft side as he usually made many announcements about his sweet daughter with various cute pictures along with awesome captions.

3. Jude Law

best celebrity dads

The well-known actor Jude Law is also a cool celebrity dad. He got married in 1997 and divorced in 2003. In 2019, he married Phillipa Coan. Together, they have five children: sons Rafferty and Rudy, and daughters Iris, Sophia, and Ada. It must be really difficult to balance kids and work, but he does a good job of it. His formula is accepting that you don’t have control over everything.

2. Chris Pratt

chris pratt kids

One of my favorite actors is Chris Pratt, who happens to be also one of the best celebrity fathers that kids will wish to have. The Guardians of the Galaxy star is overjoyed with his new role as a father. “For me, being a parent has been such an eye-opening experience and it’s made life so much more meaningful,” he declared. Pratt is the dad of a precious baby, and when he sees how hard his son tries to please him, he just feels love so pure, so unending.

1. Hugh Jackman

best celebrity dads

The Wolverine’s greatest blessing! are his two adopted children, son Oscar and daughter Ava. It’s easy to see that Hugh Jackman‘s priorities are his two children! While he does care about his acting career, the people he loves most are his wife and kids.

After stepping up and becoming a father for the first time when adopting his son, Oscar who was born in 2000, Hugh expanded his family with the adoption of his youngest daughter, Ava 2005. As Jackman explained in an interview that fatherhood is the best role he ever had it is: “unbelievable, tiring, and magical.”

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