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Celebrities With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Famous people and Celebrities with autism is our main topic today, so let’s starts with what is Autism?

Autism is a difficult syndrome to grasp, which we know at most that it impairs cognitive development and very often causes social difficulties for those who have it.

It is known that both celebrities and ordinary people with autism, tends to have a tendency to isolation and developmental disabilities, but many of them have succeeded in their lives.

So, let us show you a tribute list of the 20 celebrities with autism who prove you can still do amazing things, despite your autism spectrum disorder.

20. Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin, a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and author of several books, including Thinking In Pictures and The Way I See It.

In addition to her writing, Grandin is a prominent speaker on both autism and animal behavior.

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19. Alexis Wineman


We have one of the prettiest female celebrities on our list, Alexis Weinman, who is also know to live her life with autism.

When she was 11, doctors discovered her autism. However, Alexis managed to win the beauty pageant contest in the USA in 2012.

18. Matt Savage

Matt was a child prodigy who became a phenomenon in the world of Jazz. By the age of six, he had taught himself how to read piano music.

Matt was diagnosed as a savant who is an autistic functioning at a high level. His disorder is known as Pervasive Development Disorder.

The condition did not prevent him from achieving celebrity status, in fact, it is likely the thing that helped him to function at extraordinary levels in certain areas of his life.

17. Courtney Love

autism celebrity

Among the prettiest Celebrities with Autism, we have Courtney Love, one of the best female singers “The Sphinx”, has been diagnosed with “moderate autism” since she was a little girl.

Despite her extraordinary distinction and intelligence, she has suffered greatly with communication and social interaction.

16. Dan Aykroyd

Dan Ackroyd is one of Hollywood celebrities with autism, who is an Emmy award-winning actor and movie writer, member of the “Blues Brothers” group. He has also had Asperger syndrome since he was a child.

15. Daryl Hannah:

American actress Daryl Hannah topped and makes also the list of celebrities with Autism.

In several press interviews, Daryl mentioned her suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. But this did not prevent her from working hard, which showed its fruit by winning eight cinematic awards.

14. Satoshi Tajiri

After the Japanese Satoshi Tajiri stunned the world with Pokémon Go and Jim Frick, many looked for him and discovered that he had autism, according to the “the-art-of-autism”.

Perhaps his creation of the game Pokémon Go was a way out of the isolation that he lived with this disease for many years.

13. Dan Harmon

The creator of the Community series accidentally discovered that he had Asperger’s syndrome.

When dealing with an autistic character, Abed, within his series, he realized during his research that the descriptions of Asperger’s syndrome corresponded to his own habits.
He was then diagnosed.

12. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld diagnosed himself with autism.
Although the condition has not yet been confirmed by medical examinations, the actor is convinced that, based on his personal characteristics and habits, he falls into some spectrum of autism.

11. Susan Boyle

Celebrities with autism

Susan Boyle was able to be one of the best voices in the entire world and stunned the world with her voice despite being ridiculed because of her appearance and personality, which seemed strange to them when standing on a stage. Doctors decided the cause of this strangeness was that she was a result of Asperger’s Syndrome.

10. Robbie Williams

autism 2020

“There’s something missing in me, I have big blind spots,” the singer said on BBC Radio 2. “Maybe Asperger’s or autism. I don’t know what spectrum I’m on – I’m on something.
It’s quite hard work being in my head – I have an interesting compulsion, addiction, mental illness, I’d say.”

9. Lionel Messi

Now its time for footballers with autism, and here we have the famous Argentine player Lionel Messi, who succeeded in overcoming the autism that his family discovered at the age of eight.

He unleashed his skills until he made a history of success, became a legend of football legends, and was ranked as the best player in the world more than once.

8. Vincent van Gogh

Dutch painter Van Gogh suffered autism and was the most famous plastic artist. However, he overcame the disease and became one of the pioneers of both impressionist and brutal schools of art.

His most important works are displayed in the museums of Paris and the Netherlands, according to the website “psychcentral.”

7. Albert Einstein

Celebrities with autism

Everyone knows “Albert Einstein”, who is described as the greatest physicist in history. Research by the University of Oxford in Britain shows that this scientist has suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism disorder.

6. Isaac Newton

Autism did not stop Isaac Newton from formulating the laws of movement and public attraction, which dominated the minds of scholars. As historians agreed that he had this disease, it made him more intelligent and distinguished.

5. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a famous American inventor and electrical engineer, in addition to being a mechanical and physical engineer. He was very eccentric and was good at maintaining relationships with people, but he was strange in his thinking as he never entered a room whose number was divisible by three. Details of his daily routine showed some notable signs of autism.

4. Charles Robert Darwin

one of Celebrities with autism

“Charles Robert Darwin” one of the most famous scientist of all time, it is known that he suffered from autism too. He is an animal scientist, English national, famous for the theory of evolution and the principle of natural selection, about the human origin.

3. Anthony Hopkins

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins is a famous director, actor, and film producer who is seen by many as one of the best Hollywood actors and celebrities in the world, but sadly he has Asperger’s syndrome, a disorder of autism.

Well, Through his successful career he overcame his disease, and won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1992 and was nominated three more times.

2. Steven Spielberg

Celebrities with autism

He is the world-famous American director and producer, who has provided fans with the greatest and best Hollywood movies ever. He is suspected of autism because of his strange behavior, although this has not been proven.

Steven Spielberg is one of the most famous people in the world, but everyone is sure that Spielberg’s weirdness is the reason for his success.

1. Bill Gates

Celebrities autism

Wanna a great sample among celebrities with autism disorder! well, here you have Bill Gates, the software revolution leader and founder of Microsoft, plus he is one of the richest men in the world.

However, there are assurances that Bell suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, that his social contact is very poor, and is not good at establishing new relationships.

But he overcame that disease and became one of the most famous personalities in the world with his unlimited intelligence.

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  1. While I commend you for your efforts in bringing a positive look to people with autism, you referred to autism as a “disease” several times. It’s not a disease; it’s a disorder. More than once you’ve said these people “overcame the disease” but that’s not the case. Autistic people have strengths and weaknesses, same as anyone. Accomplishing great things isn’t overcoming autism, it’s just working with it in the best way possible to utilize their strengths. Autism puts people at an advantage in some areas, and a disadvantage in others. By working to their advantage, they excel because of autism–not in spite of it.

  2. I agree with the reply above .I’m Autistic ,i was not sadly diagnosed , i was over the moon infact. i also don’t seek to overcome autism, i try to learn to get along with it, just like i guess you try to learn to be get along with whatever way you are. Again though like the reply above i think your article has good intentions so high five for that .Buts its not a disease , definitely not a disease. You know what , i dont even see it as a disorder. Anyhow all the best to you.

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