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11 Christmas Facts that are Surprising and Interesting to know!

Here are Some Christmas Facts that are Surprising and Interesting to know!

For example, did you know that Sweden’s people watch Donald Duck cartoons every Christmas Eve since 1960? Or that during Christmas there is a village in Peru where both young and old settle any outstanding grudges with fist fights?

Therefore, in this article, you will probably know some other weird, surprising, and fabulous Christmas facts on this list! So, without further ado, These are 11 Weird, Surprising, and interesting facts about Christmas.

Scary ghost stories on Christmas Eve


Kicking off the list of the most interesting Christmas facts with this traditional fact, about how people were gathering around a fire on Christmas Eve and telling scary stories. In recent years, this tradition has died out.

The reason behind this is that people are not as superstitious as they once were. They don’t believe in ghosts anymore and think that it’s not worth getting scared for just one night of the year when there are so many other things to be scared of in life.

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